February Farm Happenings

We are so excited to start this season with you! Today is National CSA Day and this warmer weather has made us antsy to really get our hands and feet in the soil. Below you will see a button with a link to a get-to-know-you survey. While we understand a survey is not as good as a conversation, we want to get a jump start on understanding a bit about who you are, what you do, and who else is eating from the veggie box.  We look forward to reading your surveys and starting to connect!

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February does not allow for much on the farming (hands in soil) front, but it does serve as a time that allows us to prepare fully for the season ahead. We have made a crop plan, scheduled out each field and greenhouse task, we’ve started some seeds (onions), and planned some major building projects (a farm stand at Ann and a walk-in cooler at Pataskala). Kate has been visualizing our plans through Google Sketch-Up, Kate’s dad, Jim, has been shoveling soil and building beds, and our partner farmer, Mike, has been tending to 150 adolescent lady birds. Below are some little vignettes about what we’ve been up to:


Ordering seeds is one of the most enjoyable activities for a plant nerd. No better how many times one does it, looking through the catalogue fills one with a sense of endless possibilities. This year, the varieties I am most excited for are the Zephyr Summer Squash and the Dragon Carrots.  


IMG_0207This month we confirmed what we already knew; the soil is great! If you step slowly through the field and pause every now and then, you can hear the earthworms retreating back into the ground. This picture is of the soil test that we sent to University of Pennsylvania. It showed that we are missing a little phosphorus, which we can easily remedy! 



Our partner farmer, Mike from City Bird Columbus, got 100 new chickens this week! This bumps his flock up to 250. They are the cutest little chicken nuggets ever. Currently, they are in a small box called a brooder. In the brooder, they are protected from the elements. They will slowly be released into the field once they have some of their first real feathers. Welcome to these new chick-a-dees!

It’s National CSA Day! If you have not yet purchased your CSA box, we only have a little more than a handful left. Today would be a great day to join the 2018 Freshtown Farm crew and celebrate National CSA Day by completing your purchase! 

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