Find our produce.

Looking for the goods? Check out our online store where you can find specially curated boxes each week. It’s like a CSA, but you can opt in for the full season, a month at a time or a week at a time! We also have a booth at the Clintonville Farmers’ Market and on our newly instituted Bike Cart.

20 weeks

Let’s commit to each other! 20 weeks of in-season, chemical-free, fresh veggies carefully harvested and packed for you. 

4 weeks

Want to commit, but have cold feet? We’ll pack a month of carefully harvested, fresh veggies for you and see how you like it!

1 week

Unsure if you want to commit? Try us out! We’ll pack you one box of carefully harvested, fresh veggies.

Bicycle Cart Route

We care about the safety and health of our customers.

  • we always, always wash our hands and we have begun wearing face masks for harvest and delivery of our produce
  • we sanitize all of our harvest materials before, after and in-between different vegetable types
  • the produce you receive stays within a 5 mi. radius of our growing sites
  • the only hands that touch your produce are Marcie’s, Tracey’s and yours

In light of COVID19, we will take our temperatures before each harvest and will not be harvesting or delivering if either of us has a temperature.