We are first generation farmers who learned from working on other small farms. We continue to learn from farmers in our community, classes, books, and YouTube. We each have a ton of jobs: owners, managers, nursery and field workers, carpenters, bookkeepers, marketers, plumbers, delivery drivers, web designers, and mechanics. And we all love to grow, cook, and eat good food.


Marcie dreams in vegetables and wakes up ready to get out in the field! She got her start farming at an intentional community in Virginia and it has been her passion since. She has worked with plants in many capacities from coordinating bean cooperatives with the Peace Corps to starting ornamental nursery plants for the City of San Francisco.  When she isn’t farming you can find her hanging with her partner Kate and their toddler.  She feels extremely privileged to co-own a farm with folks she enjoys and to work for her community. 


For Lainie, growing food is part of a reciprocal process with land, nature, and people. After getting their start growing food in Columbus’ Old North neighborhood, Lainie began to take farming more seriously after college. They are passionate about creating resistant ecosystems and socially just communities for all. They see growing food as one of the ways to create a better world. Their first farm job was with Urban Farms of Central Ohio and from there they interned at Pie Ranch in California before moving back home to share what they learned. After working at OEFFA as the Begin Farming Educator, Lainie is honored to join the Freetown Farm team and grow their love of sharing food with their community.



Kate loves all things water, soil, and data! Though Kate cannot be on the farm day to day, she is an asset. From wash/pack to farm stand she designs, models, and builds the farm infrastructure. On top of all that, she helps figure out the data we need and sets up some of our spreadsheets, so we can constantly learn and get better.

Family, friends, members & volunteers