We are all first generation farmers who learned from working on other small scale farms and continue to learn from farmers in our community, classes, books, and YouTube. We each have a ton of jobs: owners, managers, laborers, book keepers, marketers, irrigation experts, mechanics, etc.


Marcie dreams in vegetables and wakes up ready to get out in the field! She got her start farming at an intentional community in Virginia and it has been her passion since. She has worked with plants in many capacities from coordinating bean cooperatives with the Peace Corps to starting ornamental nursery plants for the City of San Francisco.  When she isn’t farming she fancies herself as a novice artist and loves to learn things on YouTube.  She feels extremely privileged co-own a farm with folks she enjoys and to work for her community. 


Tracey was born in Maryland and started farming in North Carolina. Her formal background is in public health, but from her desk window she kept daydreaming about what it would be like to spend all day outside growing vegetables. Luckily the two worlds aren’t so far apart. Farming can be done in a way that is good for people’s health and the planet! In addition to vegetables, Tracey likes reading books and riding bikes. She is honored to be part of the team at Freshtown and grow good food for our friends and neighbors.


Kate loves all things water, soil, and data! Though Kate cannot be on the farm day to day, she is an asset. From wash/pack to farm stand she designs, models, and builds the farm infrastructure. On top of all that, she helps figure out the data we need and sets up some of our spreadsheets, so we can constantly learn and get better.


Liam is a soccer player, musician, and spitball champion on the cusp of high school. Though he cannot be full time on the farm, he helps build farm infrastructure, takes on farmer’s market responsibilities and leads some of our special projects. When he is not schooling or farming, Liam likes to play board games, hike and ride his bike.


Mike is one of our partners, the owner of City Bird Columbus and our contact for Grassroots Farm & Foods (our beef supplier)! Mike hails from Hillsboro, Ohio and got his farming start by reading too much Wendell Berry. He produces the best pasture raised eggs in town from the happiest of hens.


Kali is also one of our partner farmers and the owner of Two Blocks Away Farm. She meticulously grows the meat birds with more love than one can imagine. Kali hand mixes the bird feed with all organic, non-gmo, local products. Her family’s homestead is magical and the energy they put into loving their animals is truly heart warming.

Family, friends, members & volunteers