Join our 2022 CSA.

We are currently sold out of the bi-weekly share, but still have some slots in the u-pick!

This season we are offering a bi-weekly boxed CSA and an on-farm U-Pick.

(SOLD OUT) Bi-weekly CSA: Every CSA box is customized. The farmers will choose 4-5 of the freshest vegetables & herbs to go in every box. Each member can then pick an unlimited number of additional veggies & herbs to go in their personalized box that week. You can choose extra on the weeks you have big plans in the kitchen, and less on weeks when you know you’ll be busy or out of town. All members will also have several opportunities to opt into bulk offerings when the harvest is abundant. Boxes will be available at 3 pick-up locations every other week.

U-Pick: The on-farm U-Pick will be open on alternate weeks from the bi-weekly CSA. Members can join us on Sundays from 9-11am at our Ann St farm (1282 Ann St). You can come when you want and harvest as much as you would like each time you visit. You are welcome to come as many or few times as you would like! Harvest tools and everything you need to wash and pack your bounty will be available during the designated time window. We will also be there to help you identify crops that are ready, demonstrate harvest techniques, and orient you to the wash/pack station!

Both: This is a great option if you know you’d like more veggies than a bi-weekly share offers. It’s also great if you you’d like to learn more about growing vegetables or want to harvest big quantities for canning or preserving.

All members will receive emails the weeks you acquire veggies with recipes, farm happenings and invitations to special farm events.

Bi-weekly CSA

12 weeks
Dates: mid June to Thanksgiving.
Every other week.
Price: $240-$480 (sliding scale)


10 weeks
Dates: mid June to end of October. Every other week.
Price: $150-$350 (sliding scale)


We believe that access to healthy, affordable, chemical-free veggies are a human right. We know that you value our work and what your family can pay should be separate from that. We trust that you are the most equipped to know what is in your budget for food and that you will balance your needs with those of the farm in the ways that you can.

For the last several seasons we’ve aimed to pack at least $30 of produce in every CSA share each week. Our goal is an average of $28/box to cover our expenses. This does not mean that we need everyone to pay $28. If you have more, feel welcome to pay more. If you have less, pay less. There is no judgment either way. We are extremely happy to have you aboard, no matter what you pay!

Pickup locations

Boxes are ready for pickup every other Friday afternoon from 1-7pm at one of 3 pickup locations:

  • Clintonville– Northmoor Place
  • Merion Village– E. Gates Street
  • Upper Arlington– Farleigh Rd.

Farm newsletter

We will send an email newsletter every Monday that describes what is in the bi-weekly box or what is ready for U-pick harvest that week.

The email will also include seasonal recipes, updates from the farm, and a link to an online order form to customize your box. Online orders are due by 9pm on Wednesday night. We’ll send a reminder email to pickup your box or join us for harvest on Friday afternoons.

We care about the safety and health of our members.

  • we always, always wash our hands for harvest and delivery of our produce
  • we sanitize all of our harvest materials before, after, and in-between different vegetable types
  • the produce you receive stays within a 8 mi. radius of our growing sites
  • the only hands that touch your produce are Marcie’s, Tracey’s and yours