February: seedlings, new tunnels & lots of lessons

Happy February. Many of you are members from last year– thank you for joining us again! And some of you are new– welcome! 

2 action items right off the bat

  1. Please let us know the email addresses of anyone else in your household who may want to receive this newsletter and weekly list of veggies. 
  2. Check out the volunteer/farm event dates on the website & let us know if there’s anything you can or want to attend! 

More from the farm:
Already we are past the middle of the month and days are getting longer. So begins the subtle slide into spring. We are beginning to feel it; the transition to more time outside, longer work days, and soil soon ready to be worked.
This season we added three new garden plots to the farm, bringing our total production space up to 1.4 acres and adding a bit of complexity to our planning. We will not be in Pataskala at all this year and will miss seeing Derek & his family, but we are also excited about the new collaborations and the chance to work entirely in the city!

As you might have seen, Marcie has been posting an ongoing story on Instagram about how we spend our winter hours. Winter work is varied and more sporadic than the steady routines of summer. We watch for breaks in the weather and plan for the warmest days to work outside. Inside, we catch up on planning that can’t be done in the busy summer months. 

Last week we embraced the full spectrum of winter chores: we started changes to the farm’s website, revised our cashflow, updated January expenses, got two trucks stuck in the mud, got two trucks un-stuck from the mud, started construction of a backyard greenhouse, and set the footers for a caterpillar tunnel at one of our new growing spaces. On Saturday, Marcie spoke on a farming panel at the OEFFA (Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association) 40th annual conference in Dayton. 

And now begins another week 🙂

We hope you are well and thank you again for signing up for our CSA! We are really excited for the season ahead. If you have any friends who might be interested please let them know about us. 

Your farmers,

Marcie & Tracey

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