The March Stretch

Each new season begins with a lot of stretching. Just as we come out of our winter computer-based dens and slowly begin the many physical tasks that must be accomplished, so too the seeds that prepare themselves to spend a season nourishing the collective. 

We have been pushing our winter-atrophied muscles to work the soil and fix/build infrastructure before the first plants go into the ground. This week Tracey and I moved about 25,000 pounds of compost with wheel barrows onto the New Salem Mission site. Where in about two weeks, the seedlings from the greenhouse will lay their eukaryotic cells.    

Baby onions, spinach, and cabbage seedlings have enthusiastically unfurled from their hard outer casings extending in both directions, their greens toward the warm sun’s rays and their roots fanning out to seek water. They are like iron-men stretching themselves to survive and thrive in the cold and wind and heat from the greenhouse.

As the season moves on, we all get more and more flexible, capable of going longer and reaching wider, but until then, happy stretching!   

Action Items:

  • Reminder to those on payment plans to send some funds on over when it makes sense for your budget  
  • A few of you have not sent the type of share you would like this season. Please send us that information so we know how to prepare for you
  • Check out our volunteer and farm hangout events and start thinking about what you would like to attend
  • This season we are thinking about sharing the farm’s finances with you, its owners for the 2019 season and investors in its success, and we are wondering what you think of this. We would like to be as transparent as possible with you, so that you may see how your dollars are working. Let us know what you think about this topic and how interested or not you may be! 

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